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Our Editorial Process

Work Design Magazine is dedicated to exploring the evolution of workplace culture, research, and design. Our readers are knowledgeable and informed workplace design experts. They know their stuff – therefore, we do not publish articles that assume they don’t.

Typically, our articles run between 800-1,500 words, and we ask guest contributors to aim for substance about a problem they’ve encountered or a concept they’ve tested (or think ought to be tested). It can feature a recent project, and should contain something actionable for readers—for example, it might answer questions about what can be done, what others have done, or policies, procedures, and/or work environments that “work”.

We receive more submissions than we can publish and often have to decline good pieces when our calendar is full. We also will decline pieces due to time limitations or if they’re too similar to other work we have published. We encourage you to try again with other ideas even if we have declined something you have submitted. If your pitches have been declined multiple times, it probably means that your ideas are not a good fit for our readers.

We require the following items to accompany your article:

  • At least 4 high-quality and high-res images with corresponding captions and proper credit to illustrate the article
  • Social media tags to promote the published article
  • The author’s LinkedIn profile link
  • A current headshot and brief 2-3 sentence biography of the author

Our editorial process includes several rounds of revisions before publication. We reserve the right to alter the structure and title of your article (all titles must be under 75 characters including spaces). If we make any changes, it’s because we believe the edited version will help your idea better reach the audience it deserves. 

Pro Tips:

  • We don’t repeat topics and all submissions must be original content.
  • Our readers love research and data-based information. As a potential contributor, we encourage you to use it knowing that you’ll assume the role of verifying all facts in your piece before submitting it.
  • Don’t be afraid to tackle sophisticated issues and topics. Write your piece as if you are communicating with a savvy colleague.
  • Please do not use footnote/endnotes as our CMS does not support this. Use in-text citations if necessary.
  • Self-promotional pieces will require a ‘sponsored’ tag and a small fee.


Are you looking to have a direct promotion of your brand, product or solution?

We welcome you to explore a collaborative sponsored Product Profile. Please contact for more details and wallet-friendly options.


Know of a cutting-edge workplace project that was completed in the past 12 months?

Submit it to be considered for a Project Profile on our site by emailing a brief to our project profile editor,

Pro Tips:

  • Generally, it’s best that a designer, architect, or workplace strategist who worked on the project acts as our main contact.
  • We love to hear from employees currently working in the new space who worked closely with the project team and had a hand in the big decisions.
  • Be creative and tell us why your project matters!

We hope this helps and look forward to hearing if you have any stories or projects in mind!

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