Tips & Trends

Managing Conflict with Color


Conflict management is a fundamental part of our professional environments and color affects our psyche tremendously. Clash in a work environment is bound to happen—different people, backgrounds, and ideas on how to do things.

Optimizing for Mobile in a LEED Design


The ultimate goal of a workspace design is to make the space not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Effective use of form and function promote employee health and happiness, which in turn promotes productivity.

Designing for Organizational Effectiveness


Although a neat and organized workspace is a challenge in today’s busy world, maintaining an organized and productive space is well worth the undertaking. It very well makes up in terms of time saved, morale and productivity boost and improved service delivery.

Designing Your Work Space for Productivity


Organizing a work space goes way back to the industrial revolution when managers were trying to find out how to make their workers more productive. Initially, the goal was to reduce injuries, but over the years we’ve learned that carefullyorganizing your work space can improve productivity (Resnick and Zanotti, 1998).

Integrating Generation Y into the Workplace


The intersection where generations meet and collaborate each day is the workplace, which companies need to foster and nourish to create this center of production. Perhaps yoga balls instead of regular chairs, individual employee-designed workstations, or integrated rich-media environments with music or video *won’t* be such a far-fetched office design in the future.

Product Similarities Surprise at Neocon 2011


So I survived NeoCon 2011. My take this year was that I did not see any earthshaking new ideas or products or anything that was really new. Don’t get me wrong, there was some really cool stuff. But I felt like I had seen most of it before.

However, several trends emerged…

NYC from TheFunda

WORKTECH 11 – The Future of the Workplace


What exactly do we know about the future of the workplace? Sabret Flocos and Bob Fox, principles at FOX Architects, recently attended Worktech 11 in New York City. There — alongside more than 200 professionals from real estate, facilities, technology, architecture, design, and management — they joined in a forum to discuss the future of work, the workplace, technology, and innovation.

And here–â„¢s what they learned.

Three Coworking Apps for Social Souls


The momentum and interest in coworking seems to be increasing, which is phenomenal for full-time freelancers like me who love the home office but regularly miss the social aspect of the office-office.

As part of that movement, coworking apps that connect people to desks (and people to people!) are making their debuts seemingly every month. And even though Washington, DC, is still working to define its coworking spaces for entrepreneurs in the region, I know that at least three coworking apps — LooseCubes, DeskTimeApp, and (the forthcoming) SharedDesks — can help me expand my network and get new ideas when I’m traveling.

Navigating NeoCon in Chicago


Someone once told me that what you know is dependent upon where you are — if you want to know something you have to go to where the knowledge is. NeoCon is just that. The knowledge is in the air, you feel it, you see it, you hear it. You have to be there to experience it. It is intense. Your senses get bombarded.

I remember getting back from my first trip and thinking \”“what the hell just happened?– 

So now that I–â„¢ve been to a few NeoCons, I thought I–â„¢d share some of my thoughts about those past events. Hopefully this article helps you get oriented BEFORE you land in Chicago.