Astral Media

Behind the Curtain: Astral Media


Our concept to accomplish this transition of people and space was inspired by key broadcasting industry words like influence, communication, movement, and exchange. The concept plays on the contrast between the medium and the message.

Figure 1

Find the 7 Differences


I highlight the 7 characteristics that I think represent the cross-section of most workspaces designed today. These 7 characteristics also differentiate the modern-day layout from older, more traditional workplace designs.

Going Translucent with Perkins+Will


Architects and designers today are making creative use of translucent materials to maximize day-lighting. In doing so, they’re bringing a new ethos to what used to be considered stuffy old corporate spaces.

Behind the Curtain: GSA in Houston


The design team* approached the 275,000 square feet of space with security, sustainability, and appropriate imagery in mind. And the end result? A LEED-certified, award-winning space — including Glass Magazine’s \”“Most Innovative Energy-Efficient Glass Project–  Crystal Achievement Award in 2010.

2 + 2 = 5 (LEXC & Coworking)


Companies have moved beyond focusing on reducing costs; rather, they–â„¢re seeking alternative work strategies (without spending their own extra money to execute their own strategies) to provide an engaging workspace–one which offers what coworking provides — community, collaboration, and productivity.

Coworking in San Francisco’s Sandbox Suites


What made coworking a sensible idea is the shift in technology from big bulky desktop machines to a mobile world we live in now, where anyone can work from anywhere. That being said working from coffee shops or your couch isn’t the ideal situation. Technology liberated us from our cubicles and stuffy offices; however, it didn’t provide a better physical space for us.

Behind the Curtain: Coyote Logistics


Coyote fosters a culture of youth, energy and tenacity. And it was imperative to the company that their headquarters reflected these values. The space is an airy office environment in a loft building with open ceilings and a communicating steel staircase connecting their two floors together.

7 Inspirational Workspace Designs


There are several companies around the world with beautiful workspace where anyone would love to work. Apart from being creative and vibrant, these workspaces have intelligent architecture. These are designed in an organized manner to ensure optimum space utilization without being cluttered.

Behind the Curtain: Quid, Inc.


For the software engineers and information analysts at Quid–â„¢s San Francisco headquarters, the prevailing aesthetic is Stanley Kubrick meets Isaac Newton meets John Le Carre.