Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace Through Interior Design and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web.

Image via Thrive Global
  • Investing in the wellbeing and wellness of employees is essentially an investment in the health and wellness of the business, says Thrive Global. The workplace will only thrive and prosper, when the most valuable asset is prioritized – its people.
  • Metropolis shares the conversation from a recent panel discussion, which was hosted at the Poppin showroom in San Francisco, titled “The New Basics,” where designers, developers, and facilities experts tried to work out what will be essential to the office of the future.
  • It’s out with stuffy, grey offices and in with bright interior-designed offices lush with greenery and room for your personal trainer. The Resident takes a look at the London coworking spaces helping us to nail that work-life balance.
  • News Anyway share that there are a number of steps that businesses can take to boost employee productivity, however, many of which have nothing to do with the wider economic climate.
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