Co-Working Becomes Increasingly Niche as the Market Matures, And Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Image via Propmodo
  • Propmodo identifies the market segments in 2019 where niche co-working spaces have really established themselves as better models for working together compared to traditional flexible workspaces.
  • Workplace Insight sat down with a few office design and management experts to discuss the pros and cons of the open office layout.
  • Facility Executive features a facility focused on research spurred steel manufacturer AK Steel to craft spaces conducive to collaboration and inspiration.
  • The Ring, a new 18,000-square foot co-working and business incubator space in downtown Clearwater, FL has some big aspirations: to start with, Business Observer Florida reports that it aims to be the healthiest office in the world.
  • NPR’s The Indicator podcast goes to a Manhattan WeWork to try to get some work done.
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