The Rise of the Coworking Class, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

“Made by We” Soho in New York opened in January. Image by Matthew Pillsbury for The New York Times
  • The New York Times reports on WeWork and how the coworking giant’s real product isn’t office space, but rather a new kind of corporate culture.
  • Owners and developers are driving the demand for wellness features and practices. Building Design + Construction shares that active stairways, biophilia, enhanced air quality, etc. are now more ways to attract tenants.
  • As companies pay greater attention to their own environmental footprint, says JLL’s Real Views, they’re taking a closer interest in how their interior design can better support their external sustainability commitments.
  • Does your workplace reflect your mission and values? NAIOP explains why there’s good reason it should.
  • Kate Lister shares via iOffice, a list of seven poor working conditions that could be hurting your productivity.
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