What Challenges and Perks to Expect in 2019, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Image via The Washington Post (iStock/iStock)
  • The Washington Post asked several experts on workplace technology, data, compensation and other issues to make predictions on the challenges managers will face and the new perks employees could see.
  • IoT For All shares the top six IoT predictions for 2019 presented by practice experts at the global technology consultancy DataArt.
  • Gartner presented their key trends and technologies for the Internet of Things. Network World shares a critical look at their list with social issues and user experience as the most intriguing among them.
  • Fast Company reports on the architectural trend that needs to die in 2019, why it’s so detrimental, and how companies can take action.
  • With all the current buzz around workplace trends for this year, Globe St. shares how to prepare for them.
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