Why You Shouldn’t Fall Prey to the Lure of Fancy Co-Working Spaces, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

People working in a co-working space (Photo: Unsplash/Shridhar Gupta)
  • Channel News Asia reports that it’s still premature to conclude that co-working spaces are advantageous as a whole.
  • Legal spaces are beginning to reinvent their traditional offices for greater efficiency, collaboration and productivity, says The New Jersey Law Journal.
  • A lack of real data around the supply and demand of co-working spaces, reports Property Week, has clouded the market view in recent years.
  • Forbes shares a few concepts to consider when designing a workplace that inspires employees.
  • Co-working spaces are now entering phase two: Non-traditional and reclaimed spaces. Learn more from Ladders.
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