What Really is Agile Working, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web.

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  • What really is agile working? The knowledge of the real meaning behind agile working seems to have been lost as more humans think in terms of being self-focused, says HubbConsultants.
  • OnOffice recaps Milan Design Week 2018 and the emerging workplace trends to watch.
  • Metropolis reports on how today’s designers are using sensors, internet-connected furniture and fixtures, and data analytics to study offices in real time.
  • Whether it’s a cubicle or a community couch, the physical workplace has experienced major advancements that have helped employees become more productive, collaborative and comfortable. Blueprint by CBRE looks at three game-changers that forever transformed the physical workplace.
  • Have you ever been curious about how a building–or its occupants–really behave? Co.Design reports that the architecture firm Kieran Timberlake has an app for that.
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