The Workplace is Becoming More Spacious and Less Formal, and Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Image via The Registry
  • Today’s offices allow more space for collaborative work activities, according to a new report from architectural and interior design firm Ted Moudis Associates (TMA). Learn more about the report from HR Dive.
  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal gives us a look into Room & Board’s revamped HQ that takes biophilia to a new level.
  • Today’s workplace often contains five generations working together, reports The Registry. This shift has caused project managers, facility managers, brokers and architects to think differently about their roles.
  • DisruptCRE reports on the “growing up” trend in the culture of tech workplaces, driven by factors such as the high cost of renting and owning offices, finding the best use for given areas, and a workforce that is beginning to prioritize health, life balance, and professionalism over college-style fun.
  • An increasing number of small and medium business owners are recognizing the benefits of allowing their staff to work remotely, according to a survey from Dale Office Interiors.
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