Why All Buildings Need An Amenity Center, And Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web.

Image by Jeffrey Totaro via interiors+sources
  • Building owners are creating integrated amenity centers to help appeal to tenants with “bonus” areas like bars for hosting events and gaming zones for taking time away from work, reports interiors+sources.
  • Corporate campuses supposedly help foster close bonds between coworkers by keeping employees in the same space. But, according to VentureBeat, this isn’t true.
  • The Forbes Real Estate Council shares five workplace trends that the commercial real estate industry must prepare for.
  • HDR Australia reports on the world-first study, which has found that a positive workplace psychology extends beyond HR functions into building design, interiors, and the social environment of a workspace.
  • Millennials in the UK are turning their backs on potential employers because of poor and ‘uninspiring’ office design. A study, reports FMWorld, found that employers are struggling to attract and retain young talent because of the importance that generation is placing on the aesthetics and vibe of the workplace.
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