When Open Offices Feel Closed-Off, And Other Industry News

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web.

Illustration by Michelle Kondrich via Philly Mag.
  • While proponents of the open office tout the upsides, Philly Mag reports that even the biggest fans know all of this comes with a loss of privacy.
  • Co-working spaces today offer a huge amount of amenities for clients. So why is it so hard to find one with childcare? Read more from Quartz.
  • Today, there are many studies about the benefits of interacting with nature. CNN Money says that as an office’s atmosphere becomes more of a selling point for workers, companies are paying more attention to what’s being incorporated into the design and layout of their work areas.
  • As the average office worker spends over 65 per cent of their time at work in a sedentary seated position, The Globe and Mail believes it’s more important than ever to consider ergonomics when designing a healthy employee work station.
  • It might seem counter-intuitive, but KI says that tech companies are actually encouraging workers to spend less time in front of their screens and more with their colleagues.
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