Offices Get Redesigned for an Instagram World, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web. 

LinkedIn’s headquarters art includes a mural decorated with images for countries around the world—plus a jacket for people to put on and blend in with. Image courtesy of Jasper Sanidad via The Wall Street Journal.
  • In pursuit of younger workers, companies have spent the past decade adding amenities and perks, says The Wall Street Journal. Now, they want to make sure people outside the office know about all the fun.
  • Why are co-working spaces starting to look at lot like social clubs of 100 years ago? Find out from Curbed!
  • Like it or not, workspace design betrays a company’s culture, but it also has the power to shape it. Quartz shares what they’ve learned from building and rebuilding spaces that support the innovation imperatives of today’s economy.
  • The office of the future is going to be a lot like it is predicted, with open space, amenities, and connectivity. But the speakers from Bisnow’s Phoenix Office of the Future event believe it won’t be entirely as expected.
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