Smartphones Can Provide Insight into Office Design, the Best Offices Leverage Multiple Workspace Options, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of industry news from around the web.

Image courtesy of Seattle Magazine via Gensler.
  • According to Business Insider Australia, our relationships with our smart phones can provide important insights into how 21st century organizations should be designed and run.
    The ongoing debate around open versus closed office spaces and which one is better is missing the point. Read more on why Inc. believes the best office spaces are those that leverage multiple workspace options.
  • Should we stop separating work from our personal life? Quartz presents a compelling argument based on a multilevel study of 619 employees, that showed when behavior was the same between both work and life, they maintained higher levels of job performance.
  • Philippe Paré, Principal at Gensler, asks Silicon Roundabout about the future of the office in a co-working world. Read more about what needs to happen for these anticipated changes to work.
  • Companies today must provide employees with the ways they need and want to work to appeal to their greater sense of purpose. Find out how companies like Seattle’s ATLAS Workbase leading the way from Seattle Magazine.
  • [SPONSORED] The new book Cultivating a Creative Culture details how businesses can make their office environments more conducive to employees doing their best work. It covers everything from healthy office space configuration, to areas set aside for creative problem solving, to the value of Swedish ‘fika’ and spots tailored to pausing for a coffee break.
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