When Working From Home Doesn’t Work, the Effects of the Workplace on Productivity, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Image courtesy of The Atlantic and Jamie Cullen
  • IBM pioneered the concept of telecommuting. Now, they want their people back in the office. The Atlantic explores the history and future of working from home.
  • The Next 250k report published by Leesman, highlighted by People Management, has found that only half (57 percent) of staff worldwide believe their workplace fosters productivity. Is your office fit for purpose?
  • What are building owners and property managers doing to adjust as the workplace market demands shifts? See top trends catching CRE professionals’ eyes and read more from AZ Big Media.
  • BBC reports on the rise of vastly expensive corporate campuses, like Apple and Google, that are not only a place to work, but a place employees will want to stay and play, eat, and socialize.
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