Industry News About the Secrets to Happier Workplaces

Our weekly roundup of happy workplace news from around the web.

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Continuing with September’s theme of Happiness in the Workplace, this week’s articles focus on the secrets behind happy workplaces and how employers and employees alike can incorporate them in their office.

  • Could building friendships at work be the key to success? Business Insider featured a video with “How To Be Happy At Work” author Annie McKee on why it’s important to have work friends but also touches on how getting too personal at work can make things difficult.
  • This week, Entrepreneur shares five ways to create a more inclusive work environment. Have you tried any of these ideas in your workplace?
  • Inc. shares the 5 workplace trends that Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Gen X all agree on. Can you guess what they are?
  • And finally, Capital One just released the results of a brand new survey which aimed to pin down the workplace perks and features desired by employees. 1850 Thoughts breaks down the key results.
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