Respect the Office Fridge, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • You know the one: “Maybe he steals a few extra minutes of company time during his lunch break. Or leaves her tuna salad in the shared fridge over night. These people — usually only mildly offensive — have a new enemy waiting among the cubicles for their next slip-up: The workplace vigilante.” Food & Wine takes a closer look at the archetype, hilariously dubbed “Dark Knight Employees”.
  • The typical shape of a working family has changed over the last couple of decades, but many offices — places that require “commuting to the office, spending most of the weekday there, and working late if you have to” — have not. Bloomberg explores the disconnect in the latest episode of their Game Plan podcast.
  • Did you know it takes 23 minutes to recover from just one minor distraction? Inc. has a few ways to manage the damage.
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