Death by Email, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • Science of Us wants you to stop apologizing for the delayed response: “There’s a huge difference between important and urgent. . . . Do not die of email.”
  • WSJ praises the startups that put HR before ping-pong tables: “At many tech startups, a human-resources chief arrives long after the ping-pong table and 100-employee milestone,” but, “a handful of founders are taking a different tack and formalizing their workplace culture as deliberately as they build their products.”
  • Meanwhile, WaPo praises Sweden’s six-hour workday: “Forget diets, fitness and employee wellness programs. U.S. firms may find shorter workdays are the way to cutting health-care costs. That’s one suggestion from a controversial experiment in Scandinavia — the cradle of worker-friendly capitalism — that’s questioned Sweden’s eight-hour workday.”
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