Everywhere but the Bathroom, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Image via Bloomberg.com.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek explores how people react upon discovering that their employer has installed office sensors that can legally track them “everywhere but the bathroom”.
  • NYT says more flexibility could be the key to closing gender gaps at work, but there’s a catch: “Flexibility regarding the time and place that work gets done would go a long way toward closing the gaps, economists say. Yet when people ask for it, especially parents, they can be penalized in pay and promotions. Social scientists call it the flexibility stigma, and it’s the reason that even when companies offer such policies, they’re not widely used.”
  • Meanwhile, WSJ says you should stop putting baby in a corner: “[M]anagers routinely put employees into one of three boxes: people who perform well (A players), those who perform poorly (C players), and those who are stuck in the middle (B players). But the inclination to put people into boxes and leave them there can do a lot of harm — to managers, to the employees and to the companies they work for.”
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