Always Be Hustlin’, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

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  • NYT takes you inside Uber‘s workplace culture, where new employees “are asked to subscribe to 14 core company values, including making bold bets, being ‘obsessed’ with the customer, and ‘always be hustlin’.” The focus on results, however, has also contributed to an environment “in which workers are sometimes pitted against one another and where a blind eye is turned to infractions from top performers.”
  • Apparently, people aren’t adopting Slack and other workplace communication tools at the rate you’d think they might be. According to Recode, “Despite the appearance of modern communications and collaboration tools, ‘old-school’ methods of emails, phone calls, and texts still make up 75 percent of all communications with co-workers.”
  • On her blog, author Leigh Stringer has a few great tips for “nudging” employees to better health with a healthier work environment.
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