Urbanizing the Suburbs, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Rendering of the Liberty Mutual Insurance building in Plano, Tex. via wsj.com.
  • WSJ reports on the trend of redeveloping “suburban campuses to denser, more urban settings, where businesses can give employees the option of living, working and playing with minimum time spent in automobiles.” For example: “Just before the new year, J.C. Penney closed on a deal to sell and lease back its Plano headquarters. That, along with its sale three years ago of a 240-acre section of its corporate campus, is helping Plano morph into the hybrid of urban and suburban living becoming popular with big corporations.”
  • The LA Times looks at what to expect in the workplace in 2017, including a shift in exotic perks, updated marijuana policies as more states make it legal, and a rise in reliance on location data.
  • An HBR article highlights how mindfulness can improve workplace experiences, in this case, how it helped a psychologist lead an exercise in workplace diversity for a Fortune 500 company.
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