Riding the Wave of the Contingent Workforce

How design and innovation are transforming work at the SAP Fieldglass HQ.

A work cafe at the SAP Fieldglass HQ. Image courtesy of the authors.

A work cafe at the SAP Fieldglass HQ. Image courtesy of Padgett and Company, copyright 2015.

Design and innovation can transform the way we work. The Center for Workplace Innovation (CWI) at the Design Museum Foundation is a hub for thought leadership focused on this transformative power of design. It will be hosting the Workplace Innovation Summit, a one-day conference featuring the latest thinking in workplace design and impact. Design Impact Stories, a series to be published by CWI, will tell tales of creativity in problem solving through design.

One such story is the new headquarters for SAP Fieldglass in Chicago. In this article, NELSON‘s Gary Miciunas and Theresa Williams will take you behind the scenes to see how Fieldglass is integrating creative workplace design solutions in their new, not-so-corporate headquarters.

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