Why You Should Apply Zen Principles to Workplace Design

Workplace design is not just about the physical space, says Charlie Grantham. It must include and integrate talent leadership practices and build upon a technology infrastructure if it’s going to support the whole person in his or her livelihood. Here’s how you can do it.


Image via Death to Stock.

Would you like to reduce your clients’ cost of workplace provisioning by 40 percent ? In this article, I’ll explain the “Zen design idea”, how  purpose and work are interconnected, and wind up giving you a set of process guidelines to achieve that 40 percent reduction.

Last year, I wrote “Design Better Workplaces with These Three Zen Principles”, wherein I isolated three central Zen tenets — simplicity, enclosure, and completeness — and translated them into practical guidelines for designing workplaces that promote these principles in thought and action.

This article takes that a step deeper and examines how a Zen philosophy of life relates to a person’s realized purpose, and the expression and practice of that at work. I’m calling for a new ontology of the workplace — that is, a greater understanding of how people’s “being” is supported by the place where they earn a livelihood.

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