Why Congress Should Cowork, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Image via entrepreneur.com.
  • From HuffPost Politics: “Imagine this as a [congressional] staffer: instead of working in tiny cubicles with your face in a computer and your back to your colleagues, you were in a large open space with clusters of moveable desks surrounded by the Democratic and Republican staffers from your state delegation,” writes John McCarthy. “The space could be outfitted with phone booths for private meetings with your constituents, and conference rooms for meetings just with your boss’s personal office team. We could even put in some lounge-like bump-outs for more casual conversations to foster brainstorming and big ideas.”
  • Entrepreneur collects three trends from “the leading edge” of workplace design.
  • WSJ explores “me time” at the office: “Some companies give workers paid time off to devote to themselves,” writes Rachel Feintzeig, “but skeptics say it seems like a gimmick.”
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