The Space We Crave, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

Ludwigkirchplatz, Berlin, 1997. Image via
Ludwigkirchplatz, Berlin, 1997. Image via
  • There’s an awesome piece in the April 7 issue of The New York Review of Books by Michael Kimmelman, about why we crave public squares. “The art of architecture requires not just making attractive buildings but providing citizens with generous, creative, open, inviting public spaces,” he writes. “And one of the basic truths of urban life turns out to be that there’s a nearly insatiable demand for such places.” It’s all about urban places and real public squares, but we can’t help but think how this might apply to the workplace.
  • Forbes wants to tell you about six workplace rules that your employees just don’t like.
  • Speaking of workplace rules, we’re glad ours doesn’t have one about surfing the Internet. Because otherwise we couldn’t have spent more time than we’re willing to admit utterly mesmerized by the D.C. Eagle Cam.
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