Vacant Office Space in Houston, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web.

“At its peak last year, one-fifth of all U.S. office space under construction was located in energy-rich Houston.” Photo by Gavin Hellier/Corbis for WSJ.
  • According to the WSJ, “Houston is gushing with empty offices as the price of oil hovers around $30 a barrel. Companies that once added office space aggressively are now eager to unload it.”
  • Two important, sensitive questions about alcohol in the workplace for “The Workologist” this week in the NYT address concerns about a struggling colleague and how to get social coworkers to accept that you just don’t want a drink.
  • Fast Company explores what to do when, suddenly, your company can no longer afford to provide the flashy office perks you’ve grown used to: “Taking perks away is worse than not having them in the first place, especially if you’re culture is built on them.” Eek! Take heart though, they’ve got good tips.
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