Tips for Working from Home in a Snowstorm

SaaS has rendered snow days useless (useless, that is, if your idea of a snow day involves not working). This handy guide from AgilQuest will help you make the best of it.

Photo by Zachary Elwart for Death to Stock.

When we first laid eyes on this handy guide from our friends at AgilQuest, we were overcome with nostalgia. A deep longing for a deadlines extended, socked in at home, sorry-I-can’t-be-reached utter sabbath of a snow day. Thanks to digital everything, they’re relics of the past. And anyway, we’re already used to working from home. We’re snow day proof.

But for those who aren’t remote regulars, AqilQuest has compiled a bunch of tips so that you’ll be—for better or for worse—prepared to keep working when winter weather hits. Click here to download yours.

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