Authentic Workplaces, and Other Industry News

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  • “To attract the best people and succeed as a business, the ‘authentic organization‘ of the future — where people can be, and be valued as, their best selves — will need to foster environments where creativity and innovation are at a premium, employees feel engaged and committed, and leadership pipelines are carefully cultivated for future success,” reports HBR. “In our research, workplaces with those qualities look for an unusual kind of diversity, hiring people for differences that are more than skin deep.”
  • The New York Times explores Patricia Urquiola‘s crusade to tackle “the ultimate frontier of bad design: the American office.”
  • Do you work from home? Are you lonely? Quartz reports that, “[a]s more and more workers make the switch to the freelance life — currently 53 million people in the US workforce are freelancers, according to a 2014 survey by Edelman Berland — they’re often unaware of the solitude that can accompany the lonely business that is a freelance career. Eventually, the lack of social interaction — everything from small talk to brainstorming sessions to just running into someone on the way to the bathroom — can wreak havoc on your body and brain.”
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