Why We Can’t Sit Still, and Other Industry News

Image by Sophia Foster-Dimino for the New York Times.
  • “Kids aren’t hyper or restless or naughty; they are active learners, physical, very busy. Good behavior isn’t about sitting still — it’s about ‘being steady’ and ‘attending,’ even if that entails a little wiggle and squirm,” writes Pamela Paul for the New York Times. “Luckily, the modern workplace awaits — ready, set, go for those on the move and shake. And with closed-door offices largely replaced by cubicle dens and shared work spaces, all this capering about is fully endorsed and on full display. Meanwhile, the still and seated may one day become a scorned minority, the 22ndcentury sidewalk smokers, a throwback to a benighted culture.”

  • WeWork explores why more companies are offering unlimited vacation.

  • An argument for “conversations” in lieu of formal performance reviews: “The intent of the conversation is not to nit pick on what he did poorly that year or even discuss what he did great. Instead, the discussion should focus on what he can keep doing awesome in the future or recommendations for a pivot in his approach moving forward.”
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