A Toxic Culture of Work, and Other Industry News

Graphic by Lilli Carré for the New York Times.
  • In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Ann-Marie Slaughter explores our “antiquated and broken” culture of work: “It is the way work continues to be circumscribed as something that happens ‘in an office,’ and/or ‘between 8–6’ that causes such conflict. I haven’t yet been presented with a shred of reasonable justification for insisting my job requires me to be sitting in this fixed, 15 sq foot room, 20 miles from my home,” she writes, adding that, “[t]his looks like a ‘women’s problem,’ but it’s not. It’s a work problem — the problem of an antiquated and broken system.”
  • A cool video of Inc.‘s tour through Kickstarter’s Brooklyn HQ.
  • NeoCon East is upon us! IIDA has launched their Booth Design Competition in conjunction with Contract Magazine — check out the guidelines and feast your eyes on past winners here.
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