Think about Leaving the Coffee Shop, and Other Industry News

Customers at Compass Coffee in D.C. -- a shop designed with workers who camp out in mind. Photo by Melina Mara for The Washington Post.
Customers at Compass Coffee, a D.C. cafe designed with workers who camp out in mind. Photo by Melina Mara for The Washington Post.
  • “Campers” have officially started to irritate restaurant owners. From the Washington Post: “[Y]ou know, the types who buy one cup of coffee, plug in their laptop and earphones and proceed to act as if they own the place, hogging the tables for hours on end. To deter them, [one cafe owner] doesn’t offer WiFi. But still they come, with their portable hotspots and their FaceTime and their tablets, undeterred.”
  • Why exercise should come before work, from Entrepreneur: “I schedule my workouts during the workday and prioritize exercise over all my work activities. There is some flexibility, but if there is a conflict between a trail run I need to get in, and a meeting with a client, I’ll reschedule the client meeting first.”
  • “How the hell did this guy from Philly hatch an idea that’s infiltrating companies in Silicon Valley?” Fast Company gets the goo on Holacracy, the management system and philosophy — perhaps most famously adopted by Zappos CEO Tony Hseih — “that forgoes the traditional top-heavy management structure in favor of something much flatter.”
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