Let’s Stop Trying to be Happier at Work, and Other Industry News

"Beware of scenes like this," says Science of Us. Photo by Klaus Lahnstein via nymag.com.
“Beware of scenes like this,” says Science of Us. Photo by Klaus Lahnstein via nymag.com.
  • Science of Us interviews English sociologist and economist William Davies about his new book, The Happiness Industry. Says Davies: “Long-hour cultures, a dominant highly competitive ethos, people striving to outdo each other or outdo themselves—that’s what creates a lot of the stress that then needs to be alleviated through things like meditation and mindfulness. All the workplace happiness gurus ever say is, ‘we need to teach more happiness habits to people.’ They’re not saying, ‘We need to reform workplaces.'”
  • Knoll is giving away their new Remix chair (which we recently profiled here) to a lucky winner! Enter to win by June 9 by Tweeting or Instagramming an image of Knoll products in your home office with the hashtag #MyKnoll. Read the contest details here.
  • Inc. explores why, luckily for me, it’s good to daydream at work.
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