We’re on Instagram, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of industry news from around the web.

Just a taste.
Just a taste.
  • I finally figured out how to run two Instagram accounts from one phone. (Who knew it was easy as logging in and out… ?) Follow along to keep up with the best photos from our latest articles, and to keep an eye on our other workplace design-y adventures!
  • According to Fast Company (and #science), your crummy boss is making you unhappy: “A research group led by the labor economist Benjamin Artz of University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh claims to have compiled the first empirical support that a boss’s competence has a significant, measurable influence on a worker’s job satisfaction and overall well-being.”
  • Inc. takes a look at tech-induced burnout at work and what you can do about it. (But don’t let this stop you from following us on Instagram.)
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