A Glass Customization Tool to Help You Brand Your Workplace

3form’s Infinite Glass System features the online YouCreate customization tool that allows you to specify colors, etching, pattern, opacity, tone, style, and gradient.

An example of how you can customize 3form’s HighRes collection with your own imagery. All photos courtesy of 3form.

We got so into playing with 3form’s YouCreate glass customization tool that we had to find out more. We sent over our WDM product Q+A to reps at 3form get the scoop on the two of the newest collections in their Infinite Glass System: HighRes Imagery and Pattern+, both of which can be customized by the online YouCreate tool.

How will the new collections impact the workplace?

Pattern+, in particular, opens up nearly limitless possibilities for customizing the design of the workplace to create the ideal office environment that companies are looking to create for their communities.

An example of Pattern+.

How does it contribute to “new ways of working?”

It makes a big difference for both designers and end users alike. Designers are given a new way of working through YouCreate, the online customization tool that allows them to make specifications on color, etch, pattern, opacity, tone, style, and gradient to see how their digital displays will play out in real life installations.  For end users, the glass patterns have so many different ways of impacting the work space.

Pattern+ opens up nearly limitless possibilities for customizing the design of the workplace to create the ideal office environment that companies are looking to create for their communities.

For example, the gradient halftone (Infinite Glass Pattern+, Gradient Halftone) creates an opaque to clear transition, providing privacy for meetings to take place in a desired space while still allowing natural light to enter the space and boost productivity. The inverse function on YouCreate (Inverse Infinite Glass Pattern+) allows for patterns, scale, and opacity to be inversed. The end result could be a small scale of a pattern to give a subtle accent on one corner of the room, and a larger scale of the same pattern to create a bold accent on the other side of the room, making a visually stunning statement on that work area.

Another iteration of High Res.
Another iteration of HighRes.

What was the inspiration behind the product?

The inspiration stemmed from 3form’s motivation to fill the gap between designers’ needs and the lack of anything in the industry that allows for a great range of glass customization. Pattern+ goes above and beyond industry standards to create an almost limitless world of possibilities in creating glass patterns.

When was the product introduced? 

May 2014


What do you think our readers will love about the product?

We think designers will love using the YouCreate tool to create customized patterns and finishes. Users start with a basic design and make it their own by choosing the details like scale, opacity, finish, pattern, and color.

What is the price?

Monolithic Pattern+Etch starts at $23 per square foot, and Pressed Glass Pattern+Color starts at $48 per square foot.

Anything else notable about the product that we ought to know?

Check out the Infinite Glass flipbook here for the visual story.

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