Erasable Space: Walls Become Tools at IdeaPaint HQ

Get a sneak peek at our visit to IdeaPaint — one of this year’s top three Work Design NOW projects — and stay tuned for the full case study and video.

Inside IdeaPaint's new HQ in Boston. All images are stills from video footage, courtesy of videographer Jason Cheung.
Inside IdeaPaint’s new HQ in Boston. All images are stills from video footage, courtesy of videographer Jason Cheung.

Last week, we made our third and final Work Design NOW visit to IdeaPaint’s new Boston HQ. As you might imagine, every wall in the space — except for, at the moment, one in the lobby — is coated with IdeaPaint.

“We’ve structured the office so that it’s, A., an open-environment, but B., that there are plenty of writing surfaces for each team to build on ideas,” said John Stephans, IdeaPaint’s president. He added that — as we all know — it’s difficult to “schedule” idea generation, and they wanted to be sure to be able to capture ideas anywhere in their own “home”.

On top of serving as a super-collaborative corporate HQ, the 7,600 square foot space — designed by Fusion Design Consultants — is also a showroom, and they chose the new location with that in mind.

“What we really found spectacular is that it’s street level,” said Stephans. “It shows off what we can do as a brand.”

Case in point: My younger brother, who happens to work down the street, strolled by at lunchtime and watched us through the window as we wrapped up filming. When I joined him for lunch, he asked a zillion questions about the paint and said that, if were up to him, he’d have it in his own office. We suspect he’s not alone in this regard.

“It’s an unfussy and beautiful space,” said Bob Fox. “The way they’ve integrated their brand and their product, and how the walls interact with the people and become another tool just like the desk — it’s so exciting.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of IdeaPaint, which will include our full case study and video.

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