Weekly Roundup: Spend More Time With Your Boss, and Other Industry News

Are you spending enough time with your boss? AP photo via WSJ.com.
  • From the WSJ‘s At Work blog: “A new study claims that spending just the right amount of time with your supervisor might make you happier at work.” Just the right amount tops off at 6 hours, FYI.
  • Not only does standing during meetings make them 34% shorter, it also sparks creativity.
  • LinkedIn has released a list of 2014’s “Most InDemand Employers.” Tech tops the list, but WaPo reports that even if you don’t work in Silicon Valley, this matters: “[It] ensures that employers of all stripes will look to [tech firms] as examples for how to build their own office cultures and perks. Even in the relatively buttoned-up workplaces of greater Washington, it’s hard not to see the tech industry’s influence on our work spaces and benefits.”
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