Faces: Meet Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson leads Allsteel’s Workplace Advisory team.

At the risk of sounding like Oprah, our team’s role is to add to the conversation in ways that help our customers and their consultants to wade through all the talk about trends and best practices to find THEIR best approach to the workplace – aligned with their culture, business drivers and aspirations, and their capabilities to manage it over time; enabling of human performance; using assets wisely and eliminating waste; and staying relevant over time. While it runs counter to short attention spans, and “just tell me the answer”, we believe in the power of investing time and energy to dig underneath all the conversation and buzz to help organizations make sense of it all FOR THEM.

These are challenging and exciting times – so much clearly needs to change, and so much potential exists to do so in really amazing ways. We believe in the power of the design process to help frame and solve the challenges, and imagine the best futures.

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