The Hottest Gadgets for Staying Cool at Work

Don’t allow your work to suffer because of the high temperatures this summer! Here are a bunch of ideas to keep you staying cool at work.

staying cool at work

Gadgets for when this is your #mood but not your reality…

When temperatures are sweltering and humidity is sky-high, businesses struggle to keep the work environment cool without raising the energy bill to unmanageable heights. Even coworkers or solo entrepreneurs feel the heat. Then there are those who work outside in the glaring sun without any source of air conditioning in sight.

No matter your place of work, as an employee with a tightfisted employer or a community of people who are budget conscious, you may find yourself suffering to stay focused when sweat is threatening to turn your cubicle into a mini-rainforest.

Fortunately, there are several trendy gadgets available this year that will help keep the perspiration at bay. Whether you have lots of extra cash handy or only want to spend a few bucks, you are sure to find a cooling agent perfect for making you the coolest person at work.

Foams and gels

staying cool at work

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This might sound weird, but apparently in Japan one of the most popular method for keeping cool is with foam sprays, such as Arctic Tale, and gels, such as Ice Spark Freezing Gel. Simply spray some foam or rub gel where ever needed (the back of your neck, around your wrists, around your ankles, etc.) and get instant relief from the heat. The foam is slightly more popular than the gel, likely because you can shape it to fit around wrists and ankles and gels tend to leave a sticky residue. But both products are a perfect solution if you’re working without a source of power nearby or you’re trying to conserve energy.

Icy Wipes

If you would prefer a splash of ice in the face, try an icy wipe, such as the Gatsby Ice-Type. Not only does it cool you down, but it also wipes away any greasy residue that sweat tends to leave behind. Many also use these as a quick, cooling deodorant.


Get ready to stay cool simply by getting dressed in the morning. The Jockey StayCool underwear apparently keeps your skin 3 degrees cooler using the new Outlast technology. Jockey offers StayCool undershirts and underwear in both men’s and women’s lines.

staying cool at work

Looks like Japan has all the answers when it comes to staying cool at work. Click through the image for more details.

For a less discreet method of “cooling clothing”, you could try a cooling necktie, like this one from Thanko. Definitely avoid this method for staying cool if you are looking to make a fashion statement, however, as you will most certainly become the object of ridicule in the office, at least until your co-workers notice that you are the only one without a stained collar at the end of the day.


For those who sit in front a computer all day, now there is a way to keep your legs and back cool without the use of a loud floor fan. Simply plug this AC Adapter Air Cool Cushion into the wall and air flows up your back and against your legs while you work!


Do your hands get too hot to type well on especially warm days? Try this USB powered keyboard that has three fans for keeping wrists cool, but even better is that it has a heater setting as well, making it versatile year-round.

Beverage Coolant

What better way to keep cool while working than with an ice cold drink fresh from the fridge? Don’t have time to keep walking to the break room every time your ice melts? Use this USB fridge that fits a single beverage can or a can-sized glass.

If you do not drink canned beverages, however, do not despair. Try a USB heating/cooling coaster instead for beverages taller than a can.

Desk Lamp

One of the best ways to keep cool is to turn off electronics that heat up your space. Unfortunately, most office spaces require the extra lighting of a desk lamp, which can put off enough extra heat to make you feel more than a little warm. The best solution to this problem is to replace your desk lamp with an LED lamp, such as these from YLighting. Not only do LED lights use less energy, but they also produce no extra heat. You could also double the purpose of your desk lamp by purchasing an LED lamp/ fan combination.


The worst part about fans is that they take up a lot of space and can be quite noisy, unless you use a USB fan designed specifically with a crowded work place in mind, such as this ultra quiet one from Meritline. You can even find some fans shaped as cute characters, such as this one with soft blades or these fans from Alibaba shaped like bees, televisions, airplanes, kittens, flowers, and more.  Just be sure that your fan advertises a quiet motor before purchasing.

As you can see, staying cool at work can be as affordable or as pricey as you are willing to go. So don’t allow your work to suffer because of the high temperatures this summer; instead, purchase the gadget that works best for you and your work environment and work through the summer with ease!

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