iPad Furniture Finds to Turn Heads

This month, instead of sharing my latest finds in the app store, I thought WDM readers may like to see just how much impact new technology like the iPad is having — specifically in terms of the workplace and office furniture design.

Kicking the Kiosk up a Notch

Traditionally associated with retail demonstration environments, the kiosk has been utilized in corporate spaces for years as a tool for “hot-desking” or hoteling check-in, conference room reservations, or displaying information for visitors in lobbies and reception areas. Now, the kiosk has taken on a new sleek and minimal appearance, occupying even less valuable real estate than ever before.

Both the iTop Floor Stand by Dutch manufacturer Villa ProCtrl and the iStand by Danish inSilico Mobile Solutions can be rotated for using the device in landscape or portrait mode. Additionally, the iStand integrates with iCatalogue and iMagazine companion apps offered by the manufacturer, allowing you to create your own custom content.

iTop Floor Stand by Dutch manufacturer Villa ProCtrl
iStand by Danish inSilico Mobile Solutions

I can see these easily finding their place in the workplace, for displaying information on products and services (or the workplace itself), providing connectivity in breakout areas of a conference center, as a lectern in training rooms, or as a means for commercial interior LEEDers to present educational information about sustainability in the workplace. Talk about “Innovation in Design!”

Changing the Face of Conferencing

The MultiTable by Villa ProCtrl and the chairs built by Belgium-based design firm Bram Boo, demonstrate the integration of iPads into a teaming environment. Employees can gather for informal discussions, presentation preparations, collaborative research and team updates – with the abundance of apps available, Apple’s Facetime video conferencing and of course WiFi/3G connectivity, the possibilities are (almost) limitless!

MultiTable by Villa ProCtrl
iPad Salsa Table by Bram Boo (via Engadget)
Villa Pro-Ctrl’s table
Villa Pro-Ctrl’s table

I love the sleek and aerodynamic form of Villa Pro-Ctrl’s table. And good news for executives – it’s available in a desk as well!

What technology-based furniture have you been seeing lately? I’m sure NeoCon won’t disappoint when vendors reveal their latest creations in Chicago…

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